Furacin is an alternative treatment for burns (up to second- and third-degree burns) and skin infections (in extensive, oozing or contaminated wounds that occur in the home or workplace) (see summary of product characteristics).

Furacin by SEID Lab


Furasepticcontains 1% chlorhexidine as its active ingredient. Chlorhexidine is an antiseptic that is indicated for minor wounds and skin abrasions and also for cleansing the navel of new-born babies.

Furaseptic_spray-by SEID Lab


Furadermis a healing cream that reduces inflammation, re-epithelialises and promotes proper healing after a wound or minor burn. It relieves skin irritation and stinging. It is a gel for topical application containing hydrolysed hyaluronic acid (from a plant source) as its main ingredient.

Furaderm - GAMA FURA by SEID Lab

Your best advisor, on the front line.


FURATINA is our ambassador for the Fura range. She will give you the best advice on how to protect yourself and your loved ones from burns, wounds, scars and skin irritation. She is an expert advisor who is friendly, fun and approachable. She is available at all times on social media and in your trusted pharmacy.

We work closely with pharmacists and users because together we can avoid accidents, burns, wounds, scars, irritation, infection, etc.

This is FURATINA’s commitment.

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Furaderm - GAMA FURA by SEID Lab
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