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ginep Toledo 2021

Seid launches Menocta® and Seidivid® FERTY 4 at Ginep 2021

According to the conclusions of the study of the Montreal Heart Institute, recently published, colchicine slows down the pulmonary inflammatory process,
telemedicine-SEID LAb

Shaping the future of telemedicine

The Covid will mark important changes in the doctor-patient relationship. One of the main effects of La Covid will be ...
Cistiseid is from SEID Lab Laboratories


CISTISEID® is a nutritional supplement that prevents recurrent cystitis in women, and acts as adjuvant ...
Furaseptic_spray-by SEID Lab

Launch Furaseptic®

FURASEPTIC® is a topical antiseptic formulated with a 1% Chlorhexidine base, indicated for minor wounds and skin burns, as well as for healing ...
SEID Lab women's health therapies congress

X Course on natural therapies in women’s health

SEID is present in the X course of natural therapies in women's health. Held on March 2 in Barcelona ...
Todo Papas Loves SEID Lab Fair

SEID attends the TODO PAPAS LOVES fair

On March 2,3,4 we were present at the TODO PAPAS LOVES fair that was held in Barcelona ...
utorgestan progesterone SEID Lab

SEID – UTROGESTAN® statement

We inform you of the non-urgent withdrawal of the lots ...
Seidivid_PLUS fertility is from SEID Lab


We inform you of the non-urgent withdrawal of the lots ...
SEIDIBION_60_caps from SEID Lab


We are pleased to inform you of the reformulation of the new SEIDIBION to which we have enriched the formula by adding 600 IU of vitamin D3, thus being the only multivitamin ...
8 AEEM SEID Lab course

SEID Participates in the 8th SEFIT Phytotherapy Congress

Seid was present at the 8th SEFIT Phytotherapy congress that was held on October 23 and 24 in Zaragoza. Led by Dr. Antonio Urries, Seid promoted the presentations on ...
SEID present in CPhl worldwide

SEID present at CPhI.

SEID stands out for its presence in the Women's Health segment.
Interview Joaquin Vila from SEID Lab

Interview with the General Director of SEID

Interview with our General Director Joaquin Vila ...
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Artiseid gelFORTE de Laboratorios SEID
Furaderm Spray Quemaduras - Seid Lab
MENOPRO - Seid Lab
SEID Lab - Venoseid®
Seidibion Mater SEID Lab_p
Seidycolon ToxDepur Laboratorios SEID
ZAFRACALM de laboratorios SEID
Seidivid Ferty4 de Laboratorios SEID Lab
Artiseid DINAMIKA Gel termoactivo con CBD
Artiseid® DINAMIKA Capsules new
SeidyGEL PRE es_m by SEID Lab
Diorren es_m from SEID Lab
Magnesia SEID es_m from SEID Lab
Seidivid Plus con nueva fórmula
CISTISEID es_m from SEID Lab
Seidibiotics Plus es un producto de SEID Lab
Seidurol es_m from SEID Lab
SeidyBalm IntiZone by SEID Lab
Seidiferty SEID Lab_p
Seidibion SEID Lab_p
Furaderm - GAMA FURA by SEID Lab

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