Welcome to SEID Lab

We are a pharmaceutical company dedicated to improving women’s health and well-being throughout all stages of their lives.


We research and innovate with one main goal: comprehensive women’s health.

Proximity and Trust

We know that when faced with any personal or family health problem, people turn to their doctors and pharmacies for advice and solutions. That is why our challenge is to always be close to healthcare professionals and their patients and customers. Close to people.

In touch with everyday life

Each and every member of the Seid team has the sensitivity to find out more about the people who need our products. We are in contact with everyday reality, learning from it and sharing knowledge with healthcare professionals and users.

85 professionals


63 years

of experience

22 of our own brands

on the market

100 % motivated

to keep innovating

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SEID Lab - Venoseid®
Seidycolon ToxDepur Laboratorios SEID
ZAFRACALM de laboratorios SEID
Artiseid® DINAMIKA Capsules new
Diorren es_m from SEID Lab
Magnesia SEID es_m from SEID Lab
Seidurol es_m from SEID Lab
Furaderm - GAMA FURA by SEID Lab
FURACIN ointment 100g es-M from SEID Lab
colchimax from SEID Lab laboratories
colchicine 05 es_m from SEID Lab laboratories
colchicine es_m from SEID Lab laboratories