Colchicine SEID and Colchimax®

Colchicine SEID and Colchimax® are treatments that are indicated for acute attacks of gout and for chronic gout, for the prophylaxis of acute attacks at the start of treatment with uric acid mobilisers and in recurrent episodes of disease (familial Mediterranean fever). If you are a healthcare professional, please see the summary of product characteristics for further details.

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MENOCTA by Laboratories SEID Lab
Seidylevur junior_m from SEID Lab
Seidylevur adults_m from SEID Lab
SeidyGEL PRE es_m by SEID Lab
Diorren es_m from SEID Lab
Magnesia SEID es_m from SEID Lab
Seidivid PLUS es_m by SEID Lab
DARSTIN es_m from SEID Lab
ultragestan 100 MG miniature SEID Lab
CISTISEID es_m from SEID Lab
Seidurol es_m from SEID Lab
SeidyBalm IntiZone by SEID Lab
Seidiferty es_m from SEID Lab
Furaderm - GAMA FURA by SEID Lab
Furaseptic es_m by SEID Lab
FURACIN ointment 100g es-M from SEID Lab
colchimax from SEID Lab laboratories
colchicine 05 es_m from SEID Lab laboratories
colchicine es_m from SEID Lab laboratories

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