Hormones and natural treatments for climacteric

Hormones or natural treatments? The fears, the options and the approach from the accompaniment.

An article by Carla Romagosa Manrique.

hormones and natural treatments in menopause with SEID Lab

The choice of treatment for the woman in transition to menopause or in menopause it usually involves a dilemma that requires a good accompaniment.

It is common for women to reject the hormonal treatment , even if they have been taking hormonal contraceptives during their fertile life.

And it is also more common than we think, that some doctors continue to fear this despite scientific evidence that shows that the advantages of hormone therapy outweigh the disadvantages, provided that the woman is a candidate for it.

A 49-year-old woman, overwhelmed, comes to my office.

A few weeks ago, Cristina, 49 years old, came to my office a little overwhelmed because she had had two absences and some overwhelming sensations such as general discouragement, bloating, night sweats, sleepless nights, lack of concentration and some new pain in the lower back and the joints.

Cristina has a partner and a cat for a child. She is funny, bold and avid consumer of social networks, which empowers and confuses her in equal parts in taking charge of her health.

She is one of those women who sees change coming and who wisely listens to the needs of her body, deciding to prepare herself to live pleasantly.

It does not conform, it acts, it supports itself, it seeks professional solutions.

She has the classic dilemma between natural and hormonal treatments and, although she never hesitated to take contraceptives, the weight of the widespread rumor about the relationship between breast cancer and hormones has her more puzzled than the wide variety of herbal products that her acquaintances have advised her.

Everything is in determination.

Cristina’s case is not isolated, although I must confess that it motivates me a lot to accompany women like her in their transition to menopause.

They accept nutritional and lifestyle advice with the awareness of optimizing their quality of life for a long life, and they seize opportunities for personal growth on the fly.

They can feel the will to live and they trust that everything, absolutely everything, will turn out as it should.

Not better, not worse, but as they determine. And in determination is everything.

Cristina, insisted a lot that she wanted to opt for healing through herbal medicine.

And he managed, thanks to a compound based on black cohosh and other synergistic plants, to substantially improve his mood and hot flashes, although it took him some time to realize that the effect was not immediate and that perseverance was essential to achieve a improvement.

And certainly, he regained his desire, in many ways.

Help in specific supplementation.

Help in specific supplementation, the one that has scientific evidence to address what Cristina feels, is very interesting and a great alternative for many women who cannot take hormones.

They cannot take them either because of age, because of the time that has elapsed since their last menstruation, because of the risk of blood clots, because they have suffered from hormone-dependent cancer or because they have a genetic predisposition to suffer it, for example.

It is not that she was not a candidate for hormonal therapy, but rather that it was a pact with her doctor, since her quality of life had not been so altered and she was worth the attempt to alleviate her symptomatology without hormones.

After all, it could be considered that Cristina was of normal menopausal age.

Transition to menopause or premenopause.

transicion a la menopausia con hormonas o tratamientos naturales en el Blog de SEID Lab

In reality, what Cristina was experiencing were a series of disorders that happen to many women from the age of 40 when they initiate the hormonal change known as the transition to menopause or premenopause.

These types of disorders can manifest themselves to a greater extent than when the woman has not menstruated for more than 12 consecutive months, which is when she is considered to be in menopause.

Maialen, 52, was at that same stage of life. She had stopped menstruating at 51 and was confused by all the disorders she had been experiencing.

Woman of great temperament, joy and determination, who could not understand why (unlike her friends who complained of hot flashes) she was so sad, dejected, sore, swollen, migraineous, with vaginal dryness and insomnia.

So, together with his doctor, they determined that hormone therapy could be really helpful in improving his quality of life.

Maialen regained her joie de vivre and, of course, her pleasant sexuality thanks to hormones and an integrative accompaniment.

Integrative accompaniment includes several health pillars:

1- The nutritional pillar as a basis for health:

An anti-inflammatory diet, rich in antioxidants from fruits and vegetables, free of processed foods, sugars or alcohol.

As much as possible, cooked at home, controlling the portions, reducing the intake of Carbohydrates, ensuring proteins of some biological value in all intakes, eating calmly, becoming aware of the new threshold of satiety.

2- The pillar of physical exercise to improve metabolic parameters:

Prioritizing exercise of strength, with micro impacts to help bone regeneration and the prevention of osteoporosis,

Working on flexibility and joint mobility and also, doing cardiovascular exercises such as running, walking more than 10,000 steps a day, swimming or cycling.

3- The social pillar as a healing weapon:

Reviewing the quality of social relationships, surrounding yourself with an environment that makes you happy, exposing new needs, having a group of friends who are in the same life stage, laughing, socializing with pleasure, is also part of health.

4- The spiritual pillar:

This stage of life can be accompanied by periods of introspection, as necessary as expansion.

Taking advantage of this vital and physiological transformation time to meditate, consciously breathe, hug trees, or worship the God that pleases you the most (if it pleases you) can have amazing results on your mood and overall health.

The best moment is this.

And remember that, whatever the moment you are, it is the good time.

I deeply wish that you do not hesitate to take advantage of it, since out of crises and changes, interesting things always come out.

And certainly is there something more interesting than you?