Early menopause

Causes, fears and personal evolution.

An article by Carla Romagosa Manrique.

Precocious menopause by Carla Romagosa for SEID Lab

An early menopause, or primary ovarian failure, is often devastating. For unexpected, because it is not the time and, generally, for abrupt.

Without a doubt, it upsets in every way. Although I know that international Medical Societies are very attentive, the truth is that there is still no exact count that measures how many women are going through the process of knowing that their ovaries have stopped producing female hormones.

What is known is that there are more and more of us, which turns the already lonely process into an opportunity for collective empathy.

I confess that I feel divided between respect, admiration for science and fearful confidence in the evolution of the species, and I wonder the following:

Will preventive medicine achieve adherence to its recommendations in an increasingly stressed and inflamed population?

Will we understand the ability to modulate our health through lifestyle habits, healthy thoughts and a life free of toxins and stress, more connected with nature?

Are we facing an evolutionary turning point towards no one knows where or since when or why?

My first question is hopeful, empowered, it tells me that it is in our hands and in those of science.

The second, seems obvious and at the same time an entelechy for many people and the third, was to which I decided to cling in my acceptance of the diagnosis of early menopause at 39 years old, while I occupied myself in fully trusting in medicine, nature, meditation. , the exercise and nutrition, correcting everything that could have been done wrong to date.

Up to 30% of cases of early menopause can be genetic.

According to AEEM , it is estimated that up to 30% of cases may be genetic.

Or, put another way, that 30% of women who physiologically transform before their time, are experiencing a process similar to that experienced by their mothers, grandmothers and most likely their great-grandmothers, hence the evolutionary turning point.

Perhaps we are already too many humans in the world, or the world is changing so much that those who come have to be the best, or perhaps the time has come for women of childbearing age to dedicate our creative energy, that of the power of the reproduction, to other matters highly relevant to society.

Seen this way, the concept gives early menopause a power of transcendence optimistically greater than expected.

And, you don’t know how excited I am about the idea!

Factores relacionados con la menopausia precoz en el Blog de SEID Lab por Carla Romagosa

I recently read at Dr. Sari Harpoon in his book It’s the microbiota, you idiot! that even the billions of microorganisms that inhabit our body are largely inherited and I couldn’t help but wonder if mine, my premature ovarian failure, was the chicken or the egg …

For women of my generation, those over 40, it is difficult to discover what our mothers’ menopause was like and I think that unfortunately, not even they knew it.

It is not that they do not want to tell us, but rather that they went through the climacteric as they could, without information, undervalued in their symptoms and in the vast majority, hiding the obvious and natural.

And I find it a shame, now that I know the wonderful process of personal growth that life without hormones gives us.

In addition to genetics, there are autoimmune factors,

They are those factors related to diseases such as Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism, celiac disease, lupus or rheumatoid arthritis, among others.

And also, some infectious and metabolic processes, in addition to the iatrogenic ones, which are the most abrupt, produced by the effects of chemotherapy.

Although, of all the causes classified to date, what surprises me the most is that between 50 and 80% of early menopause are due to idiopathic causes, that is, unknown causes, which leads me again to reflect between the science and evolution, both always advancing …

Early menopause = Hard landing.

My menopause was like a hard landing in the real world, like a shock towards maturity, a full-blown crisis.

What had been working, stopped working and was like a physical-psychic-emotional hurricane difficult to control with my own resources.

Full of symptoms that I did not know or discern or relate to my hormonal change process and that could be described as a racing car without brakes, no lights, or air conditioning and running out of gas.

Or, put another way: mood swings, insomnia, hot flashes, extreme tiredness, joint pain, migraine …

I let myself be helped (how important this concept).

Yes, I allowed myself to be helped by a talkative, integrative, loving and empathetic doctor who knew how to accompany me, allowing me to grieve.

In addition, I was lucky enough to find a doctor, a great researcher in the field, who scientifically gave me the reason for the hormonal treatment that I should follow.

Well, although it is true that menopause, the end of a woman’s fertile stage, is a natural process when it occurs in normal age, it is a pathology when we talk about early menopause, one that occurs before the age of 40.

Let us bear in mind, on the other hand, that these factors do not appear individually and in isolation, but that some are triggers, cause or effect of the others.

A picture of being overweight increases the propensity to suffer from diabetes.

Ongoing stress is an anxiety trigger that can lead to a sedentary lifestyle and lead to weight gain.

Listen and observe the signals of your body.

I consider it a determining factor for well-being, that each woman knows how to make the necessary changes in her diet, Lifestyle , toxic exposure and stress management.

Listening and observing the signals of your body, those of evolution.

In the same way that medical advice is also decisive, that of science, which provides a specific treatment for each woman, losing the fear of hormones or embracing combinations of plants, also chemically and naturally healing.

For all this and with the pleasure of giving you desire and information, I will continue writing here about types of treatments, hormones, plants, problems, solutions, opportunities, science and evolution.

Trust, listen, evolve and grow to heal… There is the thing. It has crumbs, I know, but I have no doubt that it is a great thing.