Joint pain, discouragement, environment and solutions for today’s woman

Walking for walking, doing for not doing.

An article by Carla Romagosa Manrique.

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The goals we women set for ourselves.

For a long time I have been thinking about the goals we women set ourselves to achieve ourselves in whatever area of our lives in which we have decided to emerge.

Some women decide to be mothers and spend a large part of their years creating a family and then change the focus until they recover the professional career and the hobbies that, for some time, they left aside.

Others decide (or are carried away) by the desire to improve and professional recognition in a highly competitive world or , demanding, delaying motherhood who knows if until a better economic stability arrives, a better partner or simply until “it arrives if it arrives because it has to arrive”.

Active and dynamic women with a rhythm that does not give up.

I remember the case of Verónica, 46, a dynamic, active, beautiful woman, without children, with frozen eggs and an account executive in a large multinational.

He has spent 20 years traveling non-stop. So much so that sometimes it is hard for him to remember if he was at that party where that anecdote happened that his friends always remember every time they see each other or, if rather, he knows it from listening to it so much.

To maintain a certain order in her nomadic life, she has always tried to scratch some running wherever she goes, despite certain episodes of anxiety, the fatigue she accumulates and the excessive business dinners that mess up her world, the one she really wanted for her .

I had to manage very well to make him understand current concepts such as subclinical inflammation or chronic stress and I knew that he should do it when he told me that he felt guilty because he had less and less desire to run and that, when he arrived at the hotel on duty, he no longer looked for the gym but rather the room service phone to try Club Sandwich, have a beer and sleep.

We strongly agreed on something essential for the life of the traveler (or the traveler) and that is that the quality of the kitchen of a hotel can be measured by how tasty and apotheosis it is. sandwich club , but not so much in their increasingly frequent binges.

The brain-immune system-muscle axis coexists in the same energy cycle.

I explained to him then, something very interesting that I read in a training and dissemination magazine on physiology, health and performance called Fissac , which said that the brain-immune system-muscular axis coexists in the same energy cycle. And that it is in our hands to ensure that coexistence does not become a competition for the same metabolic pathway.

The fact is that the brain, which is the organ that has brought us here as human beings, needs energy, gasoline, fuel … and it turns out that,

If we have chronic stress, all the energy destined to protect us goes away, since the main objective is to survive.

Or what is the same, that the main vital functions are carried out.

That’s how we have been doing it as a species for millennia …

Stress makes everything so much more difficult.

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In other words, the immune system will eat up the energy to reinforce its shield, breaking the coexistence with the brain, altering our will to stop eating or to make the decision to go out to play sports, to run in the case of Verónica.

The sympathetic nervous system is responsible for this, involuntarily regulating many of the actions that have to do with muscle contraction and also with the body’s response to dangerous situations that require fleeing and getting to safety.

And it does so by activating the muscles, increasing heart rate, blood pressure and sweating.

Seen this way, like life itself being chased by a dinosaur, it explains why everything costs us so much when we are stressed.

Slow down to regain life.

I think I managed to soften Veronica’s guilt for not going out for a run and for eating one sandwich after another, accompanied by beer.

He understood that it is not so easy do exercise or stop eating while stressed, that making the decision has implications that go beyond the will, that sometimes it is necessary to go back, slow down, to start again, be it walking, running, business, family or a new pregnancy.

Walk for walk, do not do, get bored, breathe, turn off the mind, meditate, take nature baths and come back.