Vaginal dryness in menopause

And everything you thought only happened to you.

An article by Carla Romagosa Manrique.

Vaginal dryness in menopause. SEID Lab

Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause. No, it doesn’t just happen to you.

There are certain things that are awkward to explain and everything related to it Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause (SGM) is a very clear example of how many women go through life experiencing great discomfort in silence thinking that it only happens to them and that, in addition, they have no solution.

This syndrome includes a series of changes that occur with the arrival of menopause and that range from vaginal dryness, recurrent cystitis and loss of elasticity and thickness in the tissues of the vagina.

As the vagina is an area full of nerve endings and the decrease in estrogen levels characterizes this stage of life, the Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause causes less lubrication and pain in sexual intercourse.

I think that there is something that complicates the way of living it even more and that has to do with secrecy, self-esteem and the concern about not living up to the sexual expectations of your partner.

Also, that deeply rooted attitude that implies self-pity and a unique feeling of misfortune, stuck there without thinking that everything can have a solution and a beautiful ending.

Diálogo, conversación y la empatía con la pareja en la menopausia. SEID Lab.

It is time for dialogue, conversation and empathy.

Hence the importance that everything that surrounds the world of women ceases to be a taboo and incidentally to dialogue, conversation, empathy and growth in the couple.

Actually, it applies to any community of people, since changes during menopause they are so relevant at multiple levels (psychological, physical, work, family, among others …) that it is time for the longest stage of our lives to become a collective issue of community interest, positively, which is a lot, even if it is covered by what is uncomfortable.

Speaking of secrets, discomforts and couples, 50-year-old Maribel comes to mind, addicted to zumba classes and tiktoker without remedy.

Dance anywhere and the social network has given him good life during the pandemic, raising his endorphins to joy and reinforcing his pelvic floor to prevent leakage of urine.

Although it is not explained why his favorite tights annoy him when dancing and he looks for seams where there are none.

The simple touch annoys her, so she has bought a new collection of seamless panties that have forever banished her collection of sexy thongs and almost almost the libido of her husband who now tends astonished beige cotton panties.

Willing to discover new ways to feel pleasure?

Joking aside, Maribel and her husband are so attracted to each other that they are willing to discover new ways to feel pleasure, enjoying together.

Not even the pain of friction in her poorly lubricated vagina has caused Maribel’s libido to drop, and she and her husband have discovered a couple of wonderful solutions, allowing them to dance in bed and on TikTok:

1- Vulvar moisturizer:

in the form of a gel or cream that helps to hydrate the intimate area, repairing the discomfort caused by vaginal dryness.

2- Lubricant:

applied during sexual intercourse, it minimizes the pain produced by friction and the lack of natural lubrication of the vagina.